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Sunnyvale to Concord (all Bay Area) Best Affordable SEO. Call us.

Your company needs top page 1 search results. This makes ranking the holy grail of online marketing. Google, Bing and Yahoo engines are really just mathematics or algorithms coded for determining search results fed out to people doing searches. No human team evaluates your site to say your's should be at the top of page 1. The algorithms do this. And they do this by regularly analysing the written content on your site and determining (by code items called tags, metatags and copy snippets) how your content directly relates to the words used in the each person's search. The engines also track mentions of your site in social media, other sites and other web media, and look at links from public authority sites coming (or linking) back to your site. Local Bay Area towns' businesses need page 1 organic results. If you're not near the top on page 1 you're missing customers. Call us (two friendly people) for consulting, all SEO services, content marketing, and expert execution.

Our SEO company expertise—developed over the past nine years—speaks (actually writes) directly to the way the engines’ algorithms evaluate a site’s HTML language content. This includes tags, metatags, headers, and the actual on-page copy. We insist on using white hat, best practices that the engines are looking for. We keep up with the engines' changes to how they're doing their ranking (very important as this is often changed). The intention over time is to build up the site’s SEO presence to such a high quality in the eyes of the engines that the site is recognized as an “authority” site. This means it is ranked in a solid, high position on page 1 with certain perks of authority.

We often achieve page 1 or 2 ranking for local sites over a period of days. This is definitely achieved in every case for sites that are not in super competitive fields. If your site is in a highly competitive field the process can take a few weeks or a month or several months for a certain locale. For example, plumbers physically located in one town trying to establish a page 1 beachhead in another town they are not physically located in would encounter this highly competitive, slower ranking situation.

Here are the steps we implement for your business:

1.) deep, comprehensive research of the keyword phrases your site’s business should be found under as determined by normal language phrasing used by visitors and certain apps that track keyword usage. This process includes closely studying the keyword phrases your top competitors use. It also includes intregrating the locale names (city, county) into the keyword phrase list. Then, developing a page to page strategy for the site.

2.) write original tag, metatag, header and content copy for each page of the site that is being used for SEO targeting. This content writing is partially done in a syntax that is particular to the search engines’ algorithms (how they analyse the written language). Expert creation of content snippets the engines recognize as relevant to your services or products, or locale.

3.) code the SEO copy into the site following best practices and check all elements of SEO best practices for each page (an extensive check list).

4.) use “social signals” from other social media marketing outlets that directly relate to improved SEO ranking for the site (some social media do not provide this).

5.) every 30 days do a refresh rewrite of the SEO content for each page to introduce to the engines fresh content which is highly prized in the ranking algorithms. This keeps the site moving up in ranking or staying steady in an already high ranking position. On site blogs also contribute to this process.


Our SEO firm is composed of two contract freelancers who are specialists in all aspects of local and national SEO search engine ranking optimization. It is our intention to smartly strategize and get your business ranked on page 1 of Google. Getting ranked for your brick and mortar store or your online store is an absolute must in today’s competitive environment. If you’re thinking of marketing, (and what business owner is not) then SEO and content marketing should be at the top of your marketing check list. It is affordable with us, and cost effective, with an excellent ROI.


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SEO should be local to you, not farmed out to a company in another state or country. When you work with someone local, they have a vested interest in your success as part of the business community contributing to the economic ecology we live in. For companies needing East Bay SEO search engine optimization—please call us today. In Concord. Sunnyvale. Cupertino. Santa Clara. Moraga. Mountain View. CA. California.

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